Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming out of Hiatus…

I can’t make any promises that I will start blogging all the time again, but I do want to make an effort to do much more than what I have been.. Yes, I know the three of you that probably read this are just jumping with excitement right now… Hate to burst that bubble  but my life has been pretty boring. I have been working like crazy, super crazy, with my photography, Wes has also been working a lot and long hours and most days I am just tying to keep my head above water with two kids. Seriously, who said this stay at home mom thing was easy?? They were high when they told you that because there has been nothing easy about two kiddos.

Bailey is going to be six months next week and I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go? The first three months were a big rough for ALL of us but once we hit that 3mo mark things have been smooth sailing ever since. She is such an awesome baby. Puts herself to sleep, wakes with a smile and most days just goes with the flow.  She got her first bottom tooth on Oct. 29th and then her second one popped through today! So far she has been doing pretty well with teething. She was restless and cranky a few day previous to the first tooth coming through but nothing since then.  I was able to even go out to dinner with a client the other night and she just sat there!! COMPLETLY opposite from her lovely brother. I think Logan is just going to give me grey hair my whole life and keep me on my toes. What he doesn’t know though is I have done it all, and I totally prepared for him and his little stunts.

My little Logan is growing up so fast. Talking in full sentences and telling me what HE wants. There are times when Wes and I just look at each other and laugh because we have no clue where he comes up with some of his stuff.  He is such a little character and already has to be the life of the party/house!  I savoir nap time. To have a quiet house for at least an hour with the little people sleeping is my sanity of the day. Then after naps, I count down the time until bed…

Kohl is going to be 10 next week.. TEN!! Holy cow. He was just a little guy when Wes and I got together and now he is going to be 10!!! He is matured so much and is doing really well. Now, I just need him to slow down on his growing, so his clothes maybe will fit longer than a month.

Here are some pictures, mostly of the last month.

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My Life…sons2010nov-5 sons2010nov-6

This is now what my house looks like daily.

Toys have taken over everything, that and the Disney channel along with Nickelodeon.



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Hope you all have been well and are ready for those darn Holidays!


fran said...

I LOVE your posts girl...your an amazing mama and wife....I think staying at home with your kids is HARD but we will appreciate the time we had and memories we make :)

Eva said...

adorable kiddos :)


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