Sunday, January 2, 2011

I’ve Moved

After a lot of thought I decided that I was going to move my blog over to my photography blog site. I think there might be some time that I will still post here but not often. I really want to try and stay up on my blog and it was really hard to do last year with how busy I was. So I figured if I combined my blogs it would give me more motivation to get things done instead of feeling like I have too many things going on.

So, what that being said, I know there are not many of you but I would love for you to follow my other blog and join my on this adventure of being a stay at home mom of two and also a photographer. I honestly never expected my life to be where it is today, but I am loving it and I am so grateful. Please click below to connect to the other page.

Hannah Sons Photography

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming out of Hiatus…

I can’t make any promises that I will start blogging all the time again, but I do want to make an effort to do much more than what I have been.. Yes, I know the three of you that probably read this are just jumping with excitement right now… Hate to burst that bubble  but my life has been pretty boring. I have been working like crazy, super crazy, with my photography, Wes has also been working a lot and long hours and most days I am just tying to keep my head above water with two kids. Seriously, who said this stay at home mom thing was easy?? They were high when they told you that because there has been nothing easy about two kiddos.

Bailey is going to be six months next week and I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go? The first three months were a big rough for ALL of us but once we hit that 3mo mark things have been smooth sailing ever since. She is such an awesome baby. Puts herself to sleep, wakes with a smile and most days just goes with the flow.  She got her first bottom tooth on Oct. 29th and then her second one popped through today! So far she has been doing pretty well with teething. She was restless and cranky a few day previous to the first tooth coming through but nothing since then.  I was able to even go out to dinner with a client the other night and she just sat there!! COMPLETLY opposite from her lovely brother. I think Logan is just going to give me grey hair my whole life and keep me on my toes. What he doesn’t know though is I have done it all, and I totally prepared for him and his little stunts.

My little Logan is growing up so fast. Talking in full sentences and telling me what HE wants. There are times when Wes and I just look at each other and laugh because we have no clue where he comes up with some of his stuff.  He is such a little character and already has to be the life of the party/house!  I savoir nap time. To have a quiet house for at least an hour with the little people sleeping is my sanity of the day. Then after naps, I count down the time until bed…

Kohl is going to be 10 next week.. TEN!! Holy cow. He was just a little guy when Wes and I got together and now he is going to be 10!!! He is matured so much and is doing really well. Now, I just need him to slow down on his growing, so his clothes maybe will fit longer than a month.

Here are some pictures, mostly of the last month.

 sons2010nov-2 sons2010Nov_0592sons2010nov-3 

My Life…sons2010nov-5 sons2010nov-6

This is now what my house looks like daily.

Toys have taken over everything, that and the Disney channel along with Nickelodeon.



sons2010nov-4sons2010nov-7 sons2010nov-8 sons2010nov-9 sons2010nov-10 sons2010nov-11 sons2010nov-12 sons2010nov-13 sons2010nov-14

Hope you all have been well and are ready for those darn Holidays!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Month

Bailey was a month old yesterday.. It was also the first day alone with both kids.. More to follow on that. Let’s just say this job is not easy.




She either had gas, or was dreaming, but I still caught a smile! Well, if that’s what you want to call it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Life …

It doesn’t get much better than this… I am so in love! ♥


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Miss Bailey Renee

Born May 18th at 6:24pm Weighing in at 8lbs 13oz. 19 inches long.

We are so blessed to have such a perfect healthy family.







Birth story to come… Mama needs a nap!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

“When the apple is ready, it will fall from the tree” ~

According to my dad this is something my Grandma always said. Although, I find truth in this, I have having a hard time with it at the moment. What is the tree is ready to let go of the apple? What is the tree wants to see the apple be apart from it and see it shine as one and not being “connected” to the tree. Why am I sitting here comparing myself to a darn tree.. ugh! I am at that point in my pregnancy that I feel defeated. I feel like I have been fighting to keep it together for nine months and now I am physically and emotionally ready to give up.

I know that this is supposed to be a joyous time in our lives and I should enjoy every minute of this pregnancy, especially since it will be my last, but I am having a hard time today. My patience with Logan dwindle with each day and I HATE that I get so frustrated with him. He probably thinks I am one looney person  crying for no reason or when the only thing I am mad about it that ALL of his toys are spread across my living floor again and I have to crawl around to pick them up. It takes so much energy to do the little things and that is driving me nuts.  I am really trying to be patient and I know that I am not in control of this situation but I want to see my little girl.

This is going to sound really bad, but I am only 36.2 weeks pregnant. So there is no reason why I should be complaining now. I should have at least waiting a week. After going to my ultrasound appointment on Tues and finding out that she is already weighing 7lbd 9oz made me a little anxious. I really DO NOT want to push out a 9-10lb kid. That really just doesn’t sound fun to me and frankly I like my woohoo is one piece. I don’t want to have to call Dr. 90210 to fix my privates because I gave birth to a 12lb kid. Yes, I know that people have 10lb babies all the time. Remember I worked in Labor and Delivery, I was there, I saw them give birth, and power to them, but that is NOT my cup of tea…. No thank you.

so, plan of action from here. I am now a good 3-4cm and 60% effaced so I have my next apt on Tuesday and my doc is going to strip my membranes and hope that puts me in labor. Regardless we are going to schedule an amino for wed. or Thurs. to see if her lungs are mature. If they are, we shall induce, if not, we wait a week and induce.  So yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But for someone like me who is very impatient… I would like to be on the other side of that tunnel right now looking back.

The joys of being a woman. . . Ha! Just give me a couple weeks and I will have a post complaining about all the NON sleep I am getting due to having a newborn in the house. Nothing can be worse than Logan, so bring it on, I am ready!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Shower

Last Saturday I was honored with a baby shower thrown by one of my closest friends. I am so, so, so thankful to have the most amazing friends. It truly means so much to me. I met Lindsay 6 years ago when she started working at Loma Linda. Not in a million years did I ever think we would have become this close. She has the most amazing family and I also love that our husbands get a long and we can hang out. Linds offered to throw my baby shower months ago and I will thrilled to hear it. I told her I wanted easy and not to go all out, but of course she put all her effort into it and it came out great. It was a mix between family and friends, but I have to say my Loma Linda girls stole the show!!! They are all such a funny, outgoing group of woman. I am so thankful that I was able to meet them during my time at LLU and to still be able to call them friends even though I am no longer working there.

Here are some on the many pictures from the shower. I really cannot believe I am putting these up here. I guess you really don't know what you look like until you see pictures of yourself. I am normally the person behind the camera and after seeing these I am glad! I feel really good this pregnancy and I have hardly gained any weight, but after seeing these I know I have a lot of work to do after Bailey comes.. bye bye double chin.


All the Loma Linda girls.


The preggo girls minus Cheryl.


Miss Lindsay, my wonderful friend and the HOST


ahhh.. the DHCKS minus K. The girls I have known my whole life.


Holy cheese ball.

Of course my laptop is being difficult and I cant get the other pictures at the moment.

For a preggo update.

I am now 35.6 weeks. I had a apt last week and my doctor checked me.. I am 3-4cm dilated but Bailey hasn’t really dropped yet. I have been having a lot of cramping and contractions here and there. I have only gained 9lbs this pregnancy, which doesn’t say much when you are already fat, but I am proud. I think I gained a good 50 with Logan so I plan on losing that asap.

Bailey seems to be on her own schedule, which is fine by me as long as she comes out healthy. I will try to keep you posted. We are just trying to make it thru this week with her still inside!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I feel healthy

Last year my parents bought me a juicer for my birthday. It was the best gift ever. I used it all the time and then like everything else in my life, it was used less and less and then put away in the closet.  In the last couple months I have been using it again and I am so in love with this thing.

I really do love the way I feel after making juice. For the rest of the day I just feel healthy, in a sense. If I make juice in the morning I don’t feel  hungry all day long and constantly in the pantry looking for something to eat. I must be doing something right because I have only gained 6 pounds this pregnancy..

When Logan was sick, I started researching what juices helped with their little bodies and I kept coming to carrots over and over. Carrots are sweet when juiced but there is no way  I could get him to drink it alone. Adding apples has helped. Through trail and error I know now what he will drink. I put two medium sized carrots and an apple ,sometime and apple and a half, for him and he loves it. He normally doesn’t get juice, we only give him water, So for him this is a treat and I would like to keep it that way so he is doesn’t know the difference.  I know that juicing can be high in sugar but if you use the right things it is also very good for you. This is something I hope I can keep up on this time and not put my juicer back in the closet. I just wish fruits and veggies were cheaper!


This is what Logan gets:



This is my drink when finished…


and I may have  or have not eaten this when I finished cleaning everything up this morning, and I for sure didn’t eat two!


Ice Cream Mama….

Logan brought me some yogurt this morning out of the fridge and said “ Ice cream please mama” This put a huge smile on face and I could do nothing but say ok.. ( ha! like I was going to tell him it wasn’t ice cream!)

He was so funny to watch. It was a lemon flavor so it does have a little ting to it, but his face was priceless! He is getting so big I can hardly believe it sometimes. I would try to help him eat it and he would refuse unless he could do everything on his own. He would say “ No mama, Mine!”  OH OK.. you got it. Ill just sit here and watch!


Sons2010March_0020Sons2010March_0022  Sons2010March_0023


and wouldn’t you know…. he finished ALL the “ice cream”

Friday, March 19, 2010

There is Light at the end of the Tunnel.

For the last three months we have been dealing with a whole lot of sickness in this house. Nothing major, but enough to keep us all up and worried/stressed at times.  ( sorry this is a little long…)

Logan has had this croupy cough since mid December early January, we really didn’t think to much of it but then his lymph nodes started to get big and we could feel more and more. With everything we have gone through with Wes we didn’t want to mess around so I made him an appointment. I figured they were just big because he had been somewhat sick but Wes wanted to make sure that was all it was. Sure enough the doc wasn’t worried about it at all. Said it was very normal and not to worry, but that he did have a pretty bad ear infection in both ears and also a sinus infection which was causing this cough. What!?! He has shown NO signs of any problems with his ear let alone TWO! Okay, no problem, we have an ear infection, we will take the meds and be done with it… Yea Right! He seemed to get better with the meds but the day we stopped the antibiotics he got worse. He had his two year check up coming so I figured I would just wait until then. The last two weeks in January I don’t think we slept in this house. He was up all night coughing and hacking and puking because he would cough so hard. At his apt. the doc said that his ears were not any better nor was the sinus infection. So round TWO of meds here we come, she also gave me some cough syrup to help us sleep. That was a joke trying to get him to take. If I could get it down him, he would make himself vomit so it would come right back up… ugh. To speed along this story let’s just say we did three round of antibiotics and nothing was getting better, plus we got pink eye on top of all of this.  When we saw his normal pediatrician the last time she said his ears were just full of fluid and nothing was releasing, but in order to get tubes put in his ears we had to wait another month ( this was the beginning of March). I told her I really didn’t want to try anymore antibiotics so she gave us some nose spray and some stuff that is stronger than Claritin over the counter but that we could also try this doctor that many people have had good results with. I was willing to try anything so I said sure.  Of course I looked her up when we got home and I was so pleased with what I found. She is a pediatrician but also a D.O. If you have never heard of a DO this is a definition I found that fits pretty well: The DO is trained to evaluate the person in a holistic way. The goal of the DO is not simply to treat problems as they arise, but as well to prevent problems by evaluating the total health and health risks of the person. This evaluation may include not only looking at quantifiable risk factors for disease but also evaluation of the person in terms of their home life, their stress level and their work life. As well, disease is evaluated in terms of how it affects the entire body, not simply a few parts of the body.

I took Logan to see her almost two weeks ago. We went over everything and then she “manipulated” his head and back ( just like a chiropractor would do) She said that his head was super jammed into his neck and he was very crooked.  She also asked me questions like did he breastfeed? .. no, cause he wouldn’t latch on… Did he have reflux? .. Yes, severe, we were on meds for months when he was a baby. Well, come to find out, all these things we have been through were a result of his birth, his head, and his torticollis ( twisted neck from being squished inside me). I was AMAZED. It was like I was sitting there talking to someone who knew EVERYTHING we had been through for the last two years and she knew why and how to fix it!!!  Literally two days after we saw this doctor my kid was back to his normal self, could breath and he slept through the night!!!! We saw her again just this past week and his ears are also MUCH, MUCH better. We are still having to watch the left side because it is only about 80% better, but the right one is clear and this was with NO MEDICATION!!!! I cannot sit here and tell you how happy I am with this doctor. After Logan was born I knew I wanted to change our lifestyle by trying use different cleaning products, more natural ones.. but I didn’t want to be one of the “holy green people”. So I just made little changes and was happy with him. Now, that I have seen this new doctor and her method works better than jumping to first medication they can find in their book, I am making more changes.. I am going to try and get the whole family switched over to a DO doc. I know that this method is not for everyone, but the reason I like it is because they will try other things, and more natural ways of curing things before giving out meds. But if all else fails, they can still give the meds.

I guess it just is a new way for our family….. I figured, why not try new ways, new methods, and if those things don’t work, then I will go back to the old ways, but with these doctors I can do it all from the comfort of one office.

And of course, I get Logan better and on the right path and then I get sick…. never fails I tell ya!

Here are pictures of my new/old son.. He is new to us from the last three months, but the old kid I knew I always had.. And boy his energy level is UP there!!!






This is him pointing his finger and telling me NO!

Ahh what a joy at times.












And we have started the first faze of POTTY TRAINING.. He did this all on his own so we had to go out and buy BIG BOY pants.. Of course with Mickey on them. I don’t think he would wear them with anyone else on there, well beside Diego. He has done pretty well so far. I’ll keep you updated though.


This picture is for Grandpa.. It reminds me of the kids you see in Colton “sagging” their pants.


and the last one…. self explanatory!!!!

Pregnancy Update

  • * How far along?: 30 weeks 3 days
  • * Total weight gain: +6lbs
  • * How big is baby?: Around 3 pounds now?
  • * Maternity clothes?: For the most part everything, besides some shirts.
  • * Stretch marks?: Oh… well NO new ones, but Logan ruined that department.. . I am saving for my tummy tuck.
  • * Sleep?: What is sleep. I don’t get much of it anymore.
  • * Best moment this week?: Hitting the 30 week mark. I should have only 8 more weeks at most. OH Man.. hard to believe at times.
  • * Movement?: This little one is strong.. Moving all the time. I feel like my crotch is going to fall out at times. =)
  • * Food cravings?: none really.. Salad at times which I have had from the start and fruit. I could eat oranges all day long. This is very different from Logan when I could eat a house, wait.. I think I did!
  • * Labor signs?: none as of yet. Just lots of pressure at times.
  • * Belly button in or out?: In.. im a fatty, what can I say?
  • *Sex? GIRL!!!! Bailey Renee ( although we have thought about changing it a couple times…)
  • * What I miss: feeling well. I have been so sick throughout this pregnancy and also feeling rested and having energy.
  • * What I'm looking forward to: Having her in my arms.
  • * Milestone: Making it through each day being pregnant and having a two year old.

I will try and take a picture for all of you with curious minds. I am not a big fan of photos that involve me in them, but since this will be my last I guess I will take at least one.

I am measuring 3 weeks bigger than what I am,  so I will have another ultrasound done at 36weeks to see how big she is and if we need to induce like we did with Logan. I can’t believe that she is almost here. I just pray everything stays good and we shall have a healthy baby within the first two weeks of May.. =)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

what’s been goin on. . .

(just a little FYI.. I wrote this about two weeks ago but it was on my lap top and i forgot to publish it.. so here ya have it. I need to write more because new stuff has happened)

Once again I have been lagging in my blogging skills. Lately, at the end of the day it is so hard to find time to sit down and write about everything that has been going on. In the midst of things I feel like I am going  crazy because it has been non stop in the Sons’ house. But then when I go to think of neat stories to tell I can’t come up with any.

The busy things that we have been doing are pretty much your normal day to day things that everyone does in their daily life. I will be 27 weeks tomorrow and Wes and I are getting so excited to see our new little girl . This pregnancy has been so different from anything I experienced with Logan. My body has been changing in so many different ways and even the way I feel as a whole is totally different. I had a check up last week and the doctor checked me because I told her I have been having lots of pressure, something I never felt with Logan, everything was fine but she did tell me I need to rest more and stay off my feet. I guess to the normal person this would be great, but with a two year old, this is horrible. How and where am I supposed to find the time to rest or stay off my feet when Logan is around. This kid has been on a personality outrage for a good month now. He comes up with new facial expressions and ways to tell me NO each day. At times he is so funny it is really hard to discipline him.  For example tonight at the dinner table he was throwing food and his toy cars he had to bring with him. He was given many chances to sit down and eat, so I looked up and said “Do you want a spankin?” He looked up at me, lowered his eye brows so he could look “mean” and said “YA!” I could do nothing but look away at that point so he didn’t see my laughing. That is where is Dad stepped in a took over in the discipline dept. because there was no way I could follow through at that moment.

We are still planning on moving down the mountain in the next six months or so. We would have of like to been down by March but I want to have all of our bills paid off before moving, so we are now hoping to be down by August. The only places that we want to move are Grand Terrace and Yucaipa area so hopefully something in our price rage will be open by then that we both like.

I guess besides that there is really nothing else new. I have been super busy taking pictures which is great. I really never thought it would come to this point. I also thought that after the holidays I would be without work, but that has not been the case. Since the new year I have been pretty busy. I have just put my business in the Lord's hands and asked him to take me where he thinks I need to be. So far so good and I am so grateful.

I know I say this often, but I will really try and post more on here and also get some recent pictures up.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

“I Two Mama” – Logan Sons 1.30.10

My baby turned TWO yesterday. I can hardly believe it. Where did this last year go? I caught myself reflecting more on his birth and his life now, than I did when he turned one. I don’t know why this is, but it made me emotional. Well, not that I actually write those words, it is most likely because I am pregnant and everything makes me emotional these days. I also think it’s because I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep my child alive to his first birthday and was just so relieved when that day finally came.

We didn’t do much for his BIG day. Just hung around the house and then had my parents comes over for some burgers and cake. First thing in the morning I told Logan happy birthday and then got him to say, “ I two mama!”. So anytime he heard Happy Birthday he would say “ Birthday.. I two!”. One big bummer of the day was he woke up sick. I though it was just his sinus’ again so I wasn’t to worried but today he has had a fever and I just had to call the on-call doc for his fever that was 103.0. I can stay pretty level headed most of the time, and my experience from working at the hospital kicks in and I just play it cool. But then there are days like today when I am emotionally and physically drained and so so sooo tired that I find it hard to keep it together and not think the worst.  Luckily the doc told me I was doing everything right and not to worry.  So as I write this tonight, not only am I thankful my kid made it to his FIRST birthday but I am ecstatic I got him to his SECOND birthday. He has brought so much joy into our lives and keeps us on our toes daily. He has no clue what is coming in May with a new little sister, but we hope he will make the smooth transition.

Happy Birthday Logan. Mama and Daddy Love you to pieces!!

SonsJan_2010 01 30_0752

SonsJan_2010 01 30_0775

    SonsJan_2010 01 30_0781

SonsJan_2010 01 30_0789

SonsJan_2010 01 30_0818

SonsJan_2010 01 30_0773

SonsJan_2010 01 25_0736-1

SonsJan_2010 01 25_0745