Monday, July 27, 2009

Grandpa’s Boy

A while back ( remember I have been slacking this month in my blogging skills) I took Logan to the fire station so he could visit Grandpa. The minute we got there he start running around and then ran right to the door where the fire engine is! Of course Grandpa took him out there and let him start playing on the engine like it was one big playground. Normally he loves when my dad honks the horn and turns on the sirens but not this day, he wasn’t havin it! He just wanted to be in control….. hmm wonder who he gets that from!

2009 07 09_sons09july_0139 

2009 07 09_sons09july_0133

2009 07 09_sons09july_0134 

2009 07 09_sons09july_0141

2009 07 09_sons09july_0143

2009 07 09_sons09july_0146

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