Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working On New Projects

Now that I am home, I am trying to tackle a few projects I have been meaning to do for a while. One being another blog. A helpful blog. More like a helpful cleaning blog. I will tell you things to use that you most likely have in your house to clean your home. 

For instance, Did you know you can take a used dryer sheet set it in that casserole dish that has food stuck to it over night with water and when you wake up all your food will just rinse out with no scrubbing!!  Or that you can put ketchup in your hair to strip it and take the green out ( if you are blonde), I have a lot of these little tricks up my sleeve and I would love to share them with you to help make your life a little eaiser.

Be on the look out. should have it going soon.

Most likely it will be called. Helpful hints day to day.

1 comment:

Letti said...

I am looking forward to seeing your new blog. I love getting new ideas from people.