Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pete the babysitter.

So today as I was trying to put all my laundry away and get our house back in order from leaving this weekend when Pete started barking and I heard a loud truck outside our house. Well we have had this dead tree in our yard from when they poured new concrete and killed the roots. Since it is the beginning of fire season they have been trying to get us to remove the tree. Probably seeing that we had made no progress of doing this on our own, they decided to take it out for us, free of charge!
Well I didn't want Pete to eat these lovely men or to run away to I brought him in the house. Come to find out he is a pretty good babysitter, besides him first jumping on the bed and laying on top of Logan, but I don't have any proof of that so you can't call CPS.

These are my two boys watching TV ( Regis & Kelly )

This was right after Pete decided to lay next to Logan, NOT on top of him.
This picture is a little bright but I thought it was great because Pete also has the keys.. if he could only drive, my life would be great!

And this is just priceless...

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Kalin Spencer said...

I love that Pete is such a good "Nana"! Remember what I said about the adventures that come along with leaving Logan with Pete!