Monday, September 8, 2008

1st week with corky

Well we have gotten thru a week with Logan's helmet. HE has done pretty well with it. We had to go back to the doc's office so she could make some minor adjustments and he has gotten it off on his own about three times, but that isn't too bad. At times I know it kills him to have that thing on, and I know that it is uncomfortable but he has been a trooper. I know I wouldn't want to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day, would you?

As for me being ready to attack as mama bear, I haven't had to do this yet. I have almost felt the need but had to remind myself they weren't worth it. It's funny because I find that the people who stare the most, are people with infants or younger kids. Who knows. The couple people who have asked, I have just told them why. I feel maybe if I educate some of these people it might help it for the next mom. Probably not, but it makes me feel a little better.

On top of everything with Logan's helmet, he is also getting in three teeth and now how a runny nose and I think is getting sick. Last night was horrible. He feel asleep, as he did the night before, and woke up screaming and wouldn't go back to bed. He will lay there and try to breathe out of his nose, realize he can't then get mad. It is really a sad thing to watch. So I called work to call off and spoke with Ana to try and get any pointers of what more I could do with him. She suggested sitting in the recliner to get him to sleep so his nose would drain. This indeed did work, but only for an hour, I woke up with my leg asleep and not able to walk with Logan screaming, yet again!

To make a long story short, Wes woke up and took him to try and get his asleep. I think he could tell I was ready to pack a bag a run away. So he finally got him to sleep with him in the bed and I went to sleep in Kohl's bed. I awoke about two hours later to a scream, I ran into the bedroom and Logan had fallen off the bed. Holy hell. What else could happen, was all that I was thinking. So we got him to calm down AGAIN and he slept in between the two of us until about 6. Then I called my parents and begged them to come and watch him so I could sleep.

As for today he is still sicky poo with a runny nose, but I think it is just because of all the teeth he is getting. As I write this is asleep taking a nap. It has been differnt because normally he doesn't like to be help too often and would rather be on the ground playing, but as for the last few days, he wont sleep unless I am holding him. He has been a snuggle bug, which I never thought would happen. I better suck it up because I am sure it wont last long. I am really hoping this goes away before Thurs, because we are going to the cabin in Big Bear with some friends of ours.

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fran said...

Poor baby.... It's hard to see them suffer....Try the little noses saline drops. At least if anything it will clear his passage ways to help him breath. Natalia gets stuffy noses all the time and that seems to work along with the humidifier. The teething thing well that is hard just try to numb the gums up as much as possible. Your boys ahead of the game, Natalia has no teeth yet just the drool (So not looking forward to the teething, with sleepless nights).