Thursday, September 4, 2008

Helmet Revealed

Well ladies and Gents... Here it is.. Logan's famous Evil Knievel helmet. We have had it now for three days and today we need to try and keep it on for six hours. Yesterday was four hrs and the day we got it was two hours. At times he acts like it is not even there and just plays like normal and then there are times he just crys and trys to pull it off himself. He has been successful twice. As a mom it is so hard to listen to your child cry. He has a cry I have never heard out of him before, it's a "why" cry and please just take this off cry. It is heart breaking to say the least. I am been a wreck the last couple days, I have to entertain him more than I ever have just to keep him occupied to forget about what is on his head. We have to go back to the doctor on Friday so she can adjust it just a little.
Besides that everything is great. He had another tooth come it. One on the bottom front. So now we have two teeth!
As a person I need to remember to let go of what I cannot change and not stress about the little things. This to shall pass and it is only to help my son in the future and not hinder his ability to grow.

Well there you have it.. Logan's cool new helmet.
Here is the medical definition of why Logan has to wear the helmet:
Plagiocephaly is a type of cephalic disorder. Plagiocephaly is a condition characterized by an asymmetrical distortion (flattening of one side) of the skull. It is a common finding at birth and may be the result of a restrictive intrauterine environment. If there is premature union of skull bones, this is more properly called craniosynostosis. The unusual head shape in plagiocephaly is caused by pressure in the womb giving a "diamond" shaped head when seen from above. In pronounced cases there may be flattening of one side of the chest as well. As the child's head grows rapidly after birth, this visible inequality nearly always gets much less marked as the first year progresses
And his was because he was in the womb funny and then layed on his back favoring one sid eof his neck.

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fran said...

So cute....I love the American flag! Your doing a great job momma.