Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My snuggle Bug

As I have said before, Logan does not like to snuggle. He normally doesn't like to be held too often. But that all has changed since he is sicky poo. Wes had to remind me a couple times today that it won't last. So I am going to take it when I can get it, and suck it all up!
This was him today when I was on the computer I just was talking to him, and then he went limp, he was OUT!
Yes I know I don't have his helmet on. I can't figure that blasted thing out. Notice the red mark on his head. Yeah well that is because I had it on wrong. So tomorrow I am going to stop by, again, and Leah is going to show me how to do it. This is a weekly thing. That lady probaly thinks I'm nuts.
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