Sunday, March 15, 2009


The D.H.C.K.S. (pronounced Dicks) We were the greatest friends in High School. I think Kalin and I caused the most trouble, but boy did we all have some fun. For example; going to the bamboo on Blue Mountain, but not before we raided Diana's house for all it's food. Snow ditch day, up to Forest Falls, where Kalin decided she was cold and put my deceased Nana's sweater on like sweats. And who could forget the Beach ditch day, with Kalin, Courtney and myself. We got sunburnt which was hard to explain to our parents. I tried to say we had a "Field day" at school, but lets just say I was grounded.

I love you girls. You ALL have a special place in my heart♥

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Kalin Spencer said...

Orange hair was cool....I promise. WOW, the good o'l days