Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jr. High

WOW. Jr. High! Today I went out and bought one of those printer/scanner/copier/fax machines and boy is it great. I have never owned a scanner and now I know why. This thing has consumed my whole afternoon, and also made me depressed to see how much weight I have gained.

Anyway... Back to the post. Jr. High! I found this pictures today and they brought a huge smile to my face. These were the days! We were so carefree and lived our lives with nothing to worry about, except if the boy we liked looked at us! These pictures were from our 8Th grade dance (I think). Man we were babies! We had our friends and that is all the mattered.

We had our little group which consisted of: Kalin, Dana, Diana, Sheila, Rachel, Megan and myself. That year we got a limo. I really don't remember how we did it, but it happened and we drove to each girls house and hung out of the sun roof!

If I could only go back to theses days. There is so much I would do different and so much I would keep exactly like it was. I LOVED Jr. High. That may sound weird, but in 8Th grade I think I found myself. Someone I liked, not someone fake and trying to be something I wasn't, just me!

Well, here you have it. The 8Th grade dance. Great friends, Great times!


emilyy said...

ha ha I love it! it's so fun to look back and laugh.

Miss Semi-Famous said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a blast from the past! You're right though, such simplier times. You know it's funny, sometimes I look back to the old Reche Canyon and Terrace Hills days and they seem soooooo long ago and other times, they seem just like they were yesterday. These are great pictures, definatley a reminder of some great childhood memories!

The Marshmans said...

You feel sad at the weight you gained!!!! Holy Cow, I look at myself and it's like it's not even me!! So HIlartious! Some things I remember from that night: Dana and David ahahhaha!!! Paul's ridiculous dance moves.. I think he was my date by the way. And one of us.. can't quite remember who, hanging out the sunroof with our top off. oh man... so good. Thanks for the post!