Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I really don’t even think crazy is the right word to use. How about just plain ol’ exhausting.  Logan has been going through this crazy faze at 18months that he DOES NOT want to sleep in his own bed. YAY for us! NOT. . I am so tired that I can’t sleep. Yes, that sounds stupid but it is true. This has been going on now for a couple of weeks. He will go to bed at his normal time in his room, and then between 12-3am he would wake up screaming and refuse to go back to sleep in his bed. Now this is all new to us, because he has NEVER slept with us. He has always been in his own bed.  As the weeks went on his time for waking up got earlier and earlier. The other night it was 10:30pm.

On top of this, Wes and I noticed that he was rather warm for a couple days. I didn’t really worry too much about it because the kid is warm blooded like his mama and he plays hard. On Monday of this week I thought he had been warm for a while so I finally decided to take his temperature ( yes, mom of the year award right there, lets wait a couple days!)  I hate when I use the ear baby thermometer because I always get some funky reading like 93.6 when I know that is not right. So i used the trusty thermometer and put it in his little booty ( yes, another award for traumatizing my kid!) Well, to my surprise it was high.. 102.0 to be exact and then I was freaking out.. just a little. So I put him into a cool bath to bring his temp down and gave him some Tylenol.  Just to paint a better picture for you, as I am trying to get the bath ready and call my dad to see if I should do anything else, Logan was running around the house acting like a naked monkey. The kid didn’t act sick at all!

Then the night came. Boy what a night is was. I was up ALL night with a sick kid, who finally realized he didn’t feel well. Once again he was in bed with Wes and I, and right under my arm pit fast asleep radiating with heat from his little body. His fever finally broke around 5:30am when I awoke in a puddle of sweat, and about 20 minutes after that I had one crying kid that I could not get to calm down. So what did I do… Well the only thing I could think of.. Called my dad!!! More like woke up my dad because it was 6:30 in the morning. From there grandma and grandpa came to the rescue. I finally got Logan back to sleep in the recliner and we slept there for about two hours. We he woke up that kid was ready to party like nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, literally could NOT keep my eyes open. I was sitting in the chair, when the next thing I knew I was waking up to Logan shutting the front door. Just a little scary. So once again I called Grandpa and he came to save the day, by picking up Logan so I could get some well needed shut eye.

He hasn’t had a fever since that night, but he still is not sleeping in his bed and this is getting old.. FAST! I need my bed back. I want my bed back. How do I fix this issue because it is really putting a damper on my beauty sleep.  As for Logan, he wakes up ready to go! This morning I was sitting in my office working on my new Photography web-site ( I got rid of the helpful hints and am just focusing on this web-site now) when Logan came in with his shorts and handed them to me, then his shirt, then my keys and last but not least my purse! Do ya think the boy wanted to get out of the house?? So I got him dressed and Kohl, Logan and I went out to play before it got too hot.  We played for a while and Logan ran around like a mad man, which was great because I thought it would tucker him out. HA who was I kidding. Now he is refusing to take naps!

He only had one nap today, normally it is at least two! Does anyone have any advice for this problem. It is really starting to affect me! I need sleep!

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fran said...

Oh man Hannah that is so funny, I can't wait to see him again. Jake's advice would be let him cry. See I'm weak, I let them come in my bed. lol