Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's Not all Fun and Games!

My son hasn't been the happiest kid on the block for the last few weeks. Granted he is teething, and man does it get hard. For an update on his teething process He has gotten his first tooth! And no it is not one that we expected. It is his top left "eye tooth"! What the heck, my kid is soo not normal. He has also started to do the "army crawl" He hasn't really figured out that he can use his legs to help him get around so he just pulls himself with his arms, but boy does he move fast. So now we are having to start the process of "baby proofing" the house. What joy!

Anyway since Logan hasn't been in the greatest moods, I have started taking pictures of all his grumpy and pissed off faces. He is still super cute, but I would much rather him be smiling!

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fran said...

lol...that is too funny, but so cute. My sister loves pictures where my kids are screaming or just making the most ugly she has them in frames.