Friday, August 22, 2008

Wes & Logan Doctor Update

So today we had both doctor appointments for Wes and his cancer check up and Logan and his head/helmet appointment..
I guess we'll start with Wes. Everything looks good and still NO cancer which is such as awesome thing. There is just one thing they are concerned about right now and that is his Liver. Two months ago when we were at the doc his labs were a little high on his liver function, we really didn't worry about it since he had been drinking the night before. Well at this check up they are still high, actually the same as last month. He has to re-due liver function labs in three weeks and we will go from there. I'm not going to freak out just yet. Personally I think his liver doesn't know what to do now that he doesn't drink as much.. It's going crazy!

As for Logan. My poor boy. We went to his first helmet appointment today where they measured his head and fitted him for his helmet that he is going to have to wear for the next FOUR MONTHS, 23 HOURS A DAY!!! Holy crap. I never in a million years thought that he would have to wear this thing for that long. I thought maybe just at night or something. NO 23 hours a day.. My kid is going to go nuts. The helmet is very lightweight but it is hot. And my child does NOT like to be hot.
We did find out that his head is a lot worse than what we thought. He has a mild to moderate case. His head is A symmetrical. Kinda like a lop sided egg ( is that even possible?) And it is so bad that his ears are about 1/2 off from each other. They said that if he didn't wear the helmet he could get TMJ when he was older and also his face could grow wrong and be disfigured. So I guess I have to take the next four months and suck it up. It is not going to be easy for the first week or so, but I know that we can get through this.
On the flip side, I already feel defensive about my boy. I really don't want people staring at him. For one because it's none of their business and for two I know that I will say something to people staring. I know that we all do it. We all tend to look at anything that is "different from the norm" but it all changes when it is your child. I feel like Mama bear ready to attack.. So please beware. I'm ready to attack!
We go back next Friday to pick up the helmet and make sure it fits. Wes has been calling him Corky since he was fitted. So I guess Corky has one more week of freedom. On a positive note, I'm sure we can think of something cool for him to be on Halloween..

This was a picture before they put the cast stuff on. It is the sleeve so the cast doesn't stick to his head. ( oh and his helmet is a huge American flag!!)


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fran said...

That picture is so cute. Your like me if someone stares I probably will go for blood. Don't let it bother you, the time will fly and your baby boy will be where he needs to be.

Soo happy to hear Wes is cancer free.