Wednesday, November 12, 2008

filled with emotion.

This week on Monday, one of Wes' long time friends was killed on the job. Him and his family have lived in AZ for the last four years but grew up here and he is in the same line of work as Wes. Power Line Construction. Richard Clasby was 36 years old married with two wonderful Kids. When Wes called to tell me on Monday, my heart broke. I felt bad for Wes, but mostly for Richie's wife. How do you, as a mother and wife go on with your life. How do you try to pick up the pieces and stay strong for your kids. How do you lay them down at night and tell them it will be ok? I have been in tears off and on since Monday just thinking about what Jolie is having to experience. Wes and I have only been together for about three years and I never got the chance to meet them, I am sad for this. From what I hear, they were your "perfect family". They never did anything without each other and they were very involved in their kids lives with sports and other things. On the flip side I can't image being 11 and loosing my father.
When Wes was sick I always had that fear of loosing him, but him having cancer at least I had warning signs, I had some sort of heads up when he wasn't feeling well or if things were looking back, I could as least prepare myself for the worst. But now I am constantly filled with fear that he will never come home and I will never get that chance to say good-bye. Yes, I know this is a horrible way to think, or feel, but it is the truth. Granted Wes is not a lineman only a ground man but the chance is still there. Linemen have the third most dangerous job. That should say enough for itself. I know that the chance of any one's spouse or loved one not coming home, due to any accident is there, but when your husband goes to a dangerous job daily the fear is increased and constant.
My heart, thoughts, and prayers go to Jolie and the kids. I cannot image my life without my husband and the father of my child.
It just goes to show that you really should cherish your family and never go to bed angry. Try to make the best of the time we have on this earth. For we really never know how long we have. Just like my last post and getting flowers from Wes. The little things in life go a long way. We should all try to remember that when we are dealing with ANYONE.

Needles to say, Wes and I will be going to a funeral this weekend in AZ.

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