Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Victim # 2

The big bad FLU took it's second victim in the Sons household today.
Yep, it got Kohl. It Side swiped him, he never saw it coming. Frankly, neither did we.

So at the moment I have one kid in bed crying that this is not fair and it is all his brothers fault for getting him sick, then I have the other little one crawling around crying, farting, and pooping non stop and is also starting to get a bad diaper rash!

Oh what joy motherhood brings me.
Please oh Please just pray for my family, but most of all my sanity. I think I might loose it!

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fran said...

I'm sorry I have to laugh Hannah at Kohl blaming Logan. That is too funny. I can just see him saying that. I'm sorry your having a hard time girl.Hope all gets better