Thursday, May 21, 2009

15mo check up at 16 months.

Yesterday Wes and I took Logan to his 15 month check up ( yes a month late). Let’s just say my boy was one wild beast yesterday that could not be tamed. Lately he is SO FULL of energy.  When I say full of energy I mean he has been acting like a maniac crazy child on drugs!  For the last week he wakes up every morning grabs his blankie and yells “DAA- DEE” throughout the whole house looking for Wes.  This also continues when I put him down for his nap. Today he yelled “DAA-DEE” for an hour before falling asleep. He has been climbing on EVERYTHING, to the point that I don’t know how to control this little monster anymore. Earlier this week, I think Sat, he was having another crazy day and trying to climb in our window seals which are about 3ft off the ground. I had tried everything to get him to stay down and to stay off of the things he shouldn’t be on. After attempting everything and being defeated each time, I had emotionally, and physically had enough!  That is when I picked up the phone and called in re-enforcements…. MY DAD! I calmly explained to him that if my child did not hurt himself first, than I was going to hurt him ( as I was crying ) My dad abruptly said, all be right there, and was here 2.5 seconds later to save the day.

Normally I can control Logan but lately I am at a loss of words and discipline for this child of mine! Nothing bothers him. A stern NO, he smiles.  A slap on the leg, he looks at you like your crazy.  How else can you teach a 15 month old toddler who is already insane? And suggestions? I'm all for it.

So yesterday was no different, but at least I wasn’t alone. The doctor was running behind, like always, and Logan was tired. As we are sitting on the doctor bed, he stands up and try's to jump off the table….. yes jump! Luckily I was paying attention and caught him.  Then he continued to head butt the wall when Wes and I stood there so he couldn’t jump. I really wish I could have cameras follow me for a day so everyone would realize how nuts he is and that I am not making this stuff up.

Anyway. My little man weights 27lbs  and is 33 inches tall.  Also, wearing 24mo – 2t clothes. 

P1020508_3953P1020514_3959                             P1020515_3960




Not the greatest pictures, but there he is. In the last two days, he loves playing with my hair and also Wes’ beard. Lucky us!

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fran said...

LOL so crazy girl....I feel like your talking about Talia....But she is 30 pounds and a girl!