Sunday, May 31, 2009

FOUR Little Pigs

Yesterday we woke up and drove to the high desert to pick up our pigs. Last time we only got three pigs, one for us, my parents and also for our friend Greg. This time we got four! Two for Wes and I, one for my parents and they have two friends who are going to go in halves on another pig. Wes and I only plan on keeping one to eat, the other we are going to raise and then sell for the meat. Working at a Seventh day Adventist hospital I have been getting a lot of slack for raising and butchering pigs. All I have to say is once you raise your own meat you will never again like the taste of store bought!  This is something I have been around my whole life. I can understand that my city folk friends think I’m cruel, but I see NOTHING wrong in it. Heck if I had more land I would grow and raise ALL my own food, so I would have to buy anything from the store. 


The pig we are keeping for ourselves is the one on the left.. Chichirones!






Ahh… My little Wrangler Butt..  Gets ya every time!






My little white trash kid with NO pants and ONE shoe.. That’s how we roll around here!




This is what I look like after wrestling with four pigs. This is nothing compared to what I smell like. ..

Nothing like the smell of pig poop!







And Grandpa after and long, hard day…

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